Healthcare Financing

Tailored Financing to Grow Your Medical Practice

If you run a medical practice, then your community needs you to stay in service. Whether you are a chiropractor, veterinary, dentist or family doctor, McManagement Capital can provide working capital for all your major expenses. Here is a look at how our healthcare financing helps your practice thrive.

Beneficial Terms

We offer terms up to 72 months that allow you to get plenty of mileage out of your financing. These loans count as small business loans and are not reported to personal credit bureaus. There are also no upfront payments on all of our transactions.

Leasing Equipment

Diagnostic and treatment equipment is often large, expensive or both. With a lease or loan from McManagement Capital, up to 50% of your soft costs could be covered.

Acquiring Practices

Buying out a partner or competitor is a great way to grow your practice. Qualified medical professionals can gain up to 100% financing for this endeavor.

Consolidating Debt

The best way to handle multiple monthly payments is to merge them into one easy bill. We offer approvals as quick as 24 hours and funds within a week to cover your debts.

Find Out More Today

We can send you an application today for healthcare financing tailored to your needs. You can also contact our office to speak with a financial advisor to discuss your options.